TC 1.4 vs upscaling?

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Re: TC 1.4 vs upscaling?

darinb wrote:

alpshiker wrote:

Not what you want to know, but as part of this approach:

Topaz Gigapixel does a good job bringing details and size to lower resolution images, but on my 4 years old Mac it rows.

Their newer Topaz Photo can salvage low resolution portraits, actually quite a feat ! It needs some updates to be fully functional.

They can be tested.

What do you thin the test should look like? We have several upscalers now, of course, so the testing would need to look at them. I have no clue of the differences.

We'd also need to decide it we are testing to try to match the 1.4 magnification and does that disadvantage the upscales since, as far as I know, none of them will do 1.4x.? There's nothing scared about 1.4x, of course.

In the end, it's clear now that in the future we'll all just have a single, ultra-wide, ultra-sharp lens and will just upscale and crop to get all the other focal lengths.

Yes that could be the end of our back troubles…

I have tested some of the current upscalers to try to bring older pictures to today's standards. It's almost impossible to have one do all jobs. Almost every picture requires a different treatment. LR only multiplies pixels as does Photoshop, but I must say I have not tested the recent versions yet. The last iteration of On1 has a AI sharpening tool, but results look ugly to me on screen, although it's probably OK for prints. But the ones that impressed me most are the two above. Topaz Gigapixel is constantly improved. They sort of try to gather the 3 plugins into one app called Photo now. It does a terrific job on faces with it's AI. The problem is that it leaves the rest of the picture as crap, so it's not quite succeeded yet. I'm still waiting for a better solution.

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