R6 Mark II Auto Focus Pointers?

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R6 Mark II Auto Focus Pointers?

I have had a few days to play with the MKii, but Im having a little bit of a tricky time getting used to the new AF choices and settings.

We used to have a dedicated AF icon for face detection then a secondary eye auto focus but those are gone.

So what have you guys found to be the best for taking photos of one person? In my case it’s my daughter and Im struggling a bit in comparison to my original R6. I tried both auto as well as people tracking. I have tried AI as well as servo. My daughter is fast moving so servo seems best. I am selecting either spot af or single point, but don’t know if this is correct or if i should enable a bigger area. I figured single point or spot means it will focus on an eye, but Im still not clear on this when using it in combination with subject detection.

It’s a little weird because the single point af icon (the little box) will always be in the middle of the viewfinder a little distracting while the blue detection box is also present. The only way I seem to get one box is to press the set button to enable subject tracking. The learning curve is a little steeper than the original R6 for me.

I have missed focus more often on this camera than the previous, but at this point it’s almost certainly user error or the fact that the settings aren’t dialed in perfectly. Focus has been jumping from the user to an object. Like the photo below, I think I had her eye and then it seemed to focus on the basketball. Another from a group of her sitting still has a less crisp eye than I’m used to.

What do you guys recommend?

Alex on YouTube says some similar stuff at the 5 minute mark of his video here:


Focused switched from her to the ball it looks like

1/2 shots of her sitting still missed the eye. This I think got it or close.

Any AF settings you can recommend would be helpful

Canon EOS R6
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