***Challenge #400 Quite Moments--Results***

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***Challenge #400 Quite Moments--Results***

Thanks to all who entered the contest!   With all the excellent photos this became a very difficult contest to judge.  I will start off with the honorable mentions and then proceed to two finalists with one taking the crown.  I could have included more in the honorable mention category so these are just the best of the best.  This is a very subjective review as one can tell if one matches my choices with the votes.  I do not take the votes into consideration so the chips fall where they may.

My first honorable mention is  the first of Totatz's two images, the woman looking to the bright daylight from the shadows.  There were many images of women (and one sculpture) looking out pensively into the distance.  It could have been a theme unto itself.  This was my favorite of that set.  Excellent conversion, nice, deep shadows with strong highlights.  I did not mind those that were blown in her face and the stones as the image for me was more about the feeling than some notion of ideal and objective image quality.

One thing I thought held it and the others back somewhat was the lack of an object for the gaze.  I like the idea of a story being told within the frame.  Not a hard and fast rule but Totatz did break a couple of actual rules.  He did not rename the title of the reply and he posted his two images in one post.  I let go of those issues as I liked both of his images quite a bit.  In fact, his other image is another of my honorable mentions.

In this one we have a moment in the romantic journey of a couple.  I like how they are so small in the frame and set deep in the shadows.  I guess I am a shadow junkie these days. The image communicates a sense of privacy, intimacy, and mystery.  Another photo with a strong highlight/shadow contrast.

Now, if the contest was solely about pure image quality, it would be hard to find another image better than Damnerd's In the Clouds.  Stunning landscape photography.  Has that wintry quiet.  Love the wide view of the panorama.  Would make an excellent print on my living room wall.

I have nothing critical to say so I will bravely move on to the two finalists.  The first of the two is Christanne's The Kitchen is Closed.  This image is right up my aesthetic alley.  Such a clean image precisely framed and composed.  Terrific conversion.

The other finalist is TOTodd's Ennui, a photo of a mother getting a brief break to feel her exhaustion while her son is temporarily entranced by something he sees outside the window.  The feeling of the image is direct and unmistakable.  Another black and white nicely converted.

I did not really know how to differentiate the set of images from the final winner until I saw the photo that was the ultimate winner.  What makes one quiet moment different from another?  All of the images presented a moment of quiet.  But, only one captured the transience of that moment.  A moment captured that appeared out of nowhere and would fade a few seconds later.  That one is TOTodd's ennui.  A minute or so after this moment, the mother would have to gather herself up to perhaps put the child to bed or give him his dinner.  The boy would leave his perch and move on to other things.  Perhaps he fell on his mother and both collapsed into sleep.  One can't know what happened next but something did interrupt this idyll.  One also infers that there was quite a bit of activity before this moment.  It is a break in the chain of events.  The image also has a very natural quality.  Candid, unposed.  The photo must have snapped almost reflexively.  No time to set it up so a brief moment in TOTodd's life as well as his subjects.  A full story well told within the confines of the frame.

Well done everyone!  The next contest is TOTodd's.

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