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Hi there, I'm a beginner, so please accept my apologies if what I'm about to tell is obvious. I was always afraid of using higher ISO with my photos, and my "goal" was always to try and use the lowest ISO possible. Even when I used very low ISO settings, I found that my photos were still full of noise regardless of the wide apertures I used with fast lenses. I read some articles and forum posts telling that it's not HIGH ISO what produces noisy photos, but an incorrect exposure. I've never obtained good results using the histogram on both of my cameras ETTR (Sony A1 and Sony A7SIII), and the last days I've been "experimenting" using the ZEBRA metering of my cameras to take photos. Before that, I've only used ZEBRAS for videos.

As I do with my videos, I set my exposure until the ZEBRAS start clipping and then reduce it just 1 or 2 steps. I took some photos at very dim locations with ISOs that I could have never considered before (8000/16000/20000/65500) and to my surprise, using the ZEBRA metering, very low noise appeared in my photos! The noise level is so low that I think with DXO PURE RAW it will go away completely because it's a very "unobtrusive" noise.

Could it be that with the ZEBRA metering, now I am actually exposing the right way when taking my photos, so the noise is low even with very high ISOs?

Here are some examples. No edit whatsoever to the photos, just from RAW to JPEG:

A1 at 8000 ISO:

F/1.8 + 1/50S (Color of the face due to some stage lighting that was on)

A1 at 16000 ISO:

F/1.8 + 1/50S

A7SIII at 20000 ISO:

F/2.8 + 1/50S

A7SIII at 65535 ISO:

F/1.8 + 1/200S

Sony a1
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