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Another feature on new cell phones is the night mode . I was taking pics of Christmas lights last year with my daughter . She had a Iphone 13 pro and I was using a Sony A6000 she was getting pics that looked better than my tripod mounted camera. That's when I realized how good cell phones are now.

In "Night Mode" the iPhone takes multiple images. Each one is noisy, but when stacked the visible noise goes down.

The problem with this is camera or subject movement between captures. The iPhone addresses this with processing. It uses the first image as a reference, and then uses AI to distort the subsequent images to undo any movement. This is a software trick made possible by the powerful processor in the phone.

The iPhone camera is only 12 megapixels. If you want a fair comparison, downsample your Sony A6000 to 12 megapixels.  Downsampling reduces visible noise.

But in any case, if your tripod A6000 images don't look as good as iPhone images, then there may be an issue with your technique.

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