Out of the game for a while. ISO comparison D40 vs D7XXX

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Re: Out of the game for a while. ISO comparison D40 vs D7XXX

HectorJ wrote:

tallahassegreys wrote:

Thanks for all the great responses! At the moment I think I’d lean toward to D7500, only because I’m used to the DX format. Appreciate all the examples as well.

MY D7500 is a great camera, takes excellent photos and the 8 FPS is incredible. I think it can take 50 photos before the buffer is full, so take a lot of action shots is possible. You can read about it here: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikon-d7500-review-speed-and-capability

In terms of low light, I've never tried it in the sort of scenario you are describing, but I can say my D610 outperforms it in low light... So don't be afraid of going the FX route, it offers some advantages.

I was just going to mention full frame over the D7500 for lower light. The D610 is an outstanding beast and built like a tank.

For fun, here's a snap from my oldie 300S that I still have with over 240,000 on the shutter. Never one problem with it.

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