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Well there's technology again with image stabilization fast shutter speeds aren't as important as they once were. I'm impressed with the latest smart phones just purchased a Pixel 7 going to be my travel camera from now on . I know they can't replace a modern Mirror less digital camera for pro work but for everyday photos hard to beat .

Yes, a small sensor backed by a powerful computer is a good choice for everyday photos.   That's probably the primary reason for the collapse of the pocket digital camera market.   it's hard to sell a dedicated camera when the customer's cell phone already meets his needs.

What we are really talking about is the camera's "shooting envelope".  This is the range of scenarios that the camera can handle.   If the situation is within the envelope of two different cameras, it may not matter which camera you use.

Smartphone cameras tend to have small maximum aperture diameters.   This means deep depth of field and the associated poor low light performance.

Most casual photographers are shooting in reasonable light, and like it when everything is in focus.  They tend to view images on small screens, which tends to hide image noise from view.   These sorts of shots can easily be taken with anything from a smart phone to a high end professional interchangeable lens camera.  As most people already are carrying a smartphone, they tend to be the camera of choice.

Image processing can blur parts of the image, stack images to reduce noise, and use other tricks to please the viewer.  As smartphones tend to contain powerful processors, this can be done on the device.  With a traditional camera, processing usually needs to be done on a computer, not in the camera.  This is yet another benefit of the smartphone.

However, for high end photography,  A dedicated camera can do things that are just not practical with a smartphone. This is due to the wider shooting envelope.  For instance, on a full frame it's easy to get a 46° angle of view with a 28mm aperture diameter.  That's not an option with a smartphone.

Remember, whatever processing is being done to improve a smartphone image, can also be applied to an image from a traditional camera.   When you are starting with a better quality image, that image processing can produce even better results.

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