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Pro commercial photographer shares his biggest lessons learned

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Re: Pro commercial photographer shares his biggest lessons learned

So once again, a pro exposes the raw truth in a video, and the majority of arm chair enthusiasts says the guy is wrong.

In DPR, enthusiasts always know more than pros.

How do they do it? Have no idea, but they always seem to know more than actual working pros.


I have a friend who works as an assistant in a large studio - the largest in fact, in their particular segment in the whole latim America. They were using 2 Hasselblads for the longest time.

My friend tells as the years go by, the owner/photographer is just using a 5d III (as you know 22mp and 12 stops DR), instead of their Hassies, which are still there.

Reason: the client doesn't care.

They're steadly earning 100k+ USD/month.

And yeah, use a 5d III now.

I use DMF for a decade too, and am possibly the number 1 DMF f@nboy, but if you squeeze just a bit hard, I'll readily admit I use MF gear for marketing effects, and just because I feel good using those loud, attention grabbers "muscle cars".

The quality is awesome, but if I had to, I'd go to a gig with a 5d II or III no problems whatsoever.

In 2007, I've attended a workshop by a renowned fashion photographer in Brazil (renowned meaning national level famous).

He used a Nikon D200. Then moved to the D300, and was using a D700 up to very recently (if not still using it).

In 2009, I've worked in a well stablished commercial studio with plenty of State level clients in fashion, food and stills.

The owner used a Canon 40D. His 2 main rivals were using a D700 and a 5d II.

One final example:

Lança Perfume is a powerful brand, needless to say, they only chose photographers at the highest inter/national level.

In 2016 they released their high end campaign shot by Otavio Costa.

I could manage to find the Exif, it was shot by a vanilla D800.

Not the fashion film above. I mean the actual campaign shots: a D800, out of any gear this guy might want to rent or buy.

Mind you: campaigns like these are north of 100k USD.

I could think of more, but 5 examples are enough.

Of course gear is nice.

But a photographer's absolute best gear is behind the camera, inside the head.

But of course.

In the very next post after this, there will be someone saying gear is EVERYTHING.

Of course.

Best regards,

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