Small walkabout lens for A7s

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It's a 12MP sensor.

Bijo Sam wrote:

Petrolhead wrote:

Bijo Sam wrote:

Petrolhead wrote:

45 prob too long but the 28-60 sounds perfect, thanks and can be bought for about £250

The 45 is a short lens, its the hood that makes it long.

So I meant focal length

As I do a lot of indoor photos wider is better for me. I currently use an 18mm Prime on my Fuji

Samyang also do a 24mm AF f2.8 which could well fit the bill and is only £130 used

The Samyang 24mm F2.8 suffers from a lot of copy variation and needs to be stopped down to F4 \ 5.6 to get decent sharpness. Consider the tamron 24mm f2.8 instead.

Keep in mind that the a7S is a 12-megapixel camera. As such, it's much less demanding of lenses in terms of sharpness. For example, many folks are happy with Sony's 28-70 kit zoom on 24MP bodies, but I found it inexcusably soft in the outer 75% of the frame on my 42MP a7RIII. A properly centered Samyang 24/2.8 may be just fine on an a7S. Samyang's 35/2.8 has a reputation for being sharper than the 24, which is why I recommended it, plus the fact that I find 35 a more versatile focal length than 24.

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