A Real Digital Hasselblad V-Series

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Re: A Real Digital Hasselblad V-Series

Iā€™m not talking about a CFV-100c, which will likely come eventually. Iā€™m talking about Hasselblad releasing a V1D which may or may not be modular but is basically an X2D in capability (XCD mount, and with the new ā€œVā€ lenses šŸ˜‰) in a V-series form factor (like the concept in 2016) as a clear third mirrorless product, and as a better product for those of us who want a real top viewfinder and who have no investment in film V-series equipment.

Wgtownby wrote:

I justified buying the 907x CFV II 50c because I wanted to get some new use out of several Zeiss V lenses and indeed, I was blown away at the quality of using those lenses with may 500 C/M body - CFV II 50c. But after trying out the XCD 65mm with autofocus, spirit level, multi-angle display, etc., I've been shooting XCD exclusively.

My guess that I am the "target market" when Hasselblad decided to create and sell the 907x CFV II 50c package. (Notice that the CFV II 50c was not offered alone!)

I also suspect that the current form of the digital back can handle the 100 mp sensor, and possibly even IBIS: What's another couple of mm on the digital back when we used to shoot with the big 500 V bodies?

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