Z9 questions/issues

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Z9 questions/issues

So this is a long thread. Any of you thatb get irritated reading long threads, just pass it by.

I did post it on another site as well.

So, I'm a long time reader but not many posts. Member since 2004.

I've been shooting for years, F5's, and digital since the old kodak 290 days. Bought the D100 in the begining, and have been Nikon digital ever since.

D2x, and currently D4, D5 and D100. I do mostly wildlife, with a love for BIF. I live about 20 minutes from a few lakes where Eagles winter, needless to say, they are my favorite subject.

I finally got my Z9 from Unique Photo on October 14th, and was super excited to get out and try it out.

I used it with my new Z 24-120 f/4 S, and my 500mm PF and a few shots with my 500mm f4. The camera is/was awesome!!!!

So, 32 days after I got it in the mail, it quit.

I was sitting at my pc with my beautiful new Z9 on my desk, going through some shots on the pc, and the memory card activity light started flashing, and I heard the sensor curtain open and a few seconds later close. I picked it up, and it was dead.

The control panel was totally off, no buttons worked, would do nothing.

I called Unique, and was told it was two days passed return date, so call Nikon. I figued for 5500 bucks, they might exchange it, but no dice. Should have waited for B&H, but thats another story.

I removed the battery, and reinstalled, and the control panel lit up, but only card info. No buttons worked. I finally got it to start enough to get in the menu, and it looked like the firmware was corrupt, so, I reinstalled FW 3 and it worked!

Thought I had it fixed, but no.

I was out shooting some Bald Eagles this past weekend, was tracking a bird, lost focus lock, went blurry, viewfinder locked up, and camera dead, again!

So, I shipped my brand new Z9 off to Nikon in Jehrico NY.

The only repair I've ever had Nikon do was years ago when I left my D2x on thje dining room table and my Dobermann puppy drug it off by the strap with the 17-55mm 2.8 glass.

They did a good job, and I never had any issues after the repair(never had a strap on a camera again, LOL).

I just wondered if anyone else has had this issue, and what it turned out too be?

And final thoughs, will I trust this camera again?

Sorry for rambling, but I am curious if anyone else has had this happen?

Thanks, and have a great day.


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