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What FF mirorless has the sharpest kit lens?

Started 3 months ago | Discussions thread
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Re: All about the money

Rambow wrote:

Thanks, but a Nikon Z5 kit can be had for 1100 dollars and i don't want to spend more than than.

This is entry level stuff.

I know Sony has a cheap 50mm f1.8 lens but i hear AF is very slow and I still have to deal with sony's jpeg color, i just wanted to see if i can do better at below or up to ~1000 dollars or euros.

I have no idea why so many people, mostly people who don’t run a Sony, comment about their supposedly poor colour. Look at my gear list and the different brands of cameras I regularly shoot with, every one of which has great jpeg colours. The main issue with Sony out of the box, sometimes, is that the photos are on the cool side. The default white balance and colour can simply be changed to taste. The same adjustments more or less are available on every mirrorless camera I own.

My personal budget starter full frame choice would be the A7II plus a Sigma 24mm f3.5.  This is a very tidy kit bought specced down to a price that will work very nicely indeed.

While the 24mm focal length is wide, it is about the same field of view as a Leica Q2 which costs between four and five times as much as this kit.  A worthwhile upgrade would be to replace the Sigma 24mm f3.5 with their visually identical but more expensive Sigma 24mm F2.0

Or something else entirely of course. One man’s meat is sometimes another man’s poison.

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