NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S Poor Focus performance In Low Light

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NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S Poor Focus performance In Low Light

I took my 105 mm macro lens out for the first time in some low light nightime scenes. The skyline shot from the other side of the Harbor.

I found that I couldn't easily get my camera to focus on the skyscrapers with autofocus with various different modes. I usually use a spot focus square. I tried a wider area focus and that had poor results too. I went to a different area in downtown to photograph a beautiful Temple that is lit up for Christman. And this area was much brighter. Again I found that this lens was having a lot of problem auto focussing. It seemed to go back and forth, but before it got close to infinity, which was where it needed to be (or at least closer to that side) it would turn around and go the wrong direction. And it would just go back and forth.

I thought the lens was broken, or since this is a relatively new camera to me, that I had set something so wrong that it just didn't know what to do.

But after arriving home, I put this lens on again, and it seems to be working normally in my relatively bright bedroom. Easily switching from one focal length to the next. Of course all of these lengths are CLOSE. And it occurs to me that unlike other lenses I have THIS one is a macro lens and I've heard macro lenses can take longer to focus.

My question is, is this normal performance for a Z 105mm macro lens? I don't have a problem focussing with any of my other lenses at night. It is a fairly bright lens at that, and one of the reasons I buy bright lenses is so that I can use them at night in the city.

I bought this macro to do some close in work too, but I feel it should perform well at long distances as well. I had to manually focus all the pictures that were far away.

Is this a lens problem, a camera setting problem? Could I be doing something wrong? What should I check. It doesn't seem to want to focus on far away things at night. Tommorow I will find out if it performs better in the daytime.

It's almost like this camera is trying to focus at the ranges it THINKS are the full ranges, but it is missing the parts of the focal plane further away, and turning around before it gets there. Does it think it is a NON Macro lens. I would expect a Z lens on a Z camera to know how for it needs to search focus before turning around and trying the other end. I tried it with the limiter on and off. Auto settings and manual, Various F stops values.

Does anybody else have one of these. I bought ALL primes, to avoid these kinds of problems, and I couldn't use the perfect lens for the job without using manual focus, which slows me down because I don't trust my eyes and have to zoom in and do a close in sharpness check.

Par for the course, or a problem lens? Thanks in advance, Michael OConnor.


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