Should I go and replace GFX 50r with Lumix S1r

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Re: Should I go and replace GFX 50r with Lumix S1r

Don't own an S1R, so can't advise about that specific camera.

But... there are nice benefits when using two cameras from the same system, such as sharing of lenses, batteries, flash systems. Plus the similar menu system.

I think if you were to buy used you would avoid many potential regrets you might have.  If you love the ergonomics, and if 47MP is good enough for you, then I don't see how Panasonic coming out with an S5 II or discontinuing development of the S1R line would hamper your enjoyment.

Now, if you have to wait for / pray for particular lenses to be developed for the L Mount system, then that is a different story. I don't think Panasonic is in a rush to develop new lenses. Sigma will probably develop lenses in conjunction with what they develop for the E-Mount system. So if there is a lens you want and there is little chance that Sigma will dvelop one for Sony E-Mount, then most likely they won't develop one.

(I don't believe that Sigma has developed DG DN - full frame lenses specific to mirrorless - for L-Mount only without developing a corresponding lens for Sony E-Mount, so I guess we are "tethered" to Sony).

Anyway, just my two centavos

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