cheap 512GB CFExpress for D850

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Re: cheap 512GB CFExpress for D850

patricksmith32 wrote:

buffer at base ISO and without a lens attached. At the end of the day the D850 has a decent buffer and you’ll rarely ever hit it. However I had hit it enough times that I switched to Lossless 12-Bit RAW.

My old D750 @ 6.5 fps has 15 shots (RAW 14-bits) and 25 shots (RAW 12-bits) buffer. So even at 12-bits the burst lasts 3.8 seconds. Miserable...

D850 on the other hand produces 171 shots @ 7 fps (RAW 12-bits). That's almost 25 seconds - more than enough for almost any action (bronc riding, motorcycle jump, basketball dribbling, bird flying by). So agreed on 12-bits for action, but landscapes and static scenes, just in case, I still shoot RAW 14-bits. Although the difference is beyond perception.

Only reason I sold my D850 was because it lacks the WT-6A wireless transmitter port and unfortunately you can’t properly view D850 images on a D5 or D6. So I couldn’t reliably or easily get my D850 images off the cards in a quick manner. As a photojournalist who covers a lot of breaking news…the WT-6A capabilities are important to me. Unfortunately the D6 and Z9 do not measure up with their built in wireless. It’s not as reliable (100%) like the WT-6A has been and the range is nowhere near close. D850 files sometimes also caused my iPhone, iPad or Lightroom on my PC to crash. Too large of files and too many files. I shoot for newspapers and online news,

You're the pro and you have specific requirements, in your circumstances, I would probably also go with single digits cameras. While I'm a hobbyist, I can take time and develop my photoset for 7 or 10 days, I don't need a wireless transmitter.

so I didn’t need 45.7mp! Unfortunately the D850 buffer goes down in the sRAW and mRAW so that wasn’t an option. Plus at the end of the day 14fps is important to me

sRAW and mRAW are a deception. Useful to save space, but do not give any speed advantage. I'm disappointed

and so is reliability and dependability. I’m happy you like the D850 and I’m happy you’re getting good performance. Seems like the right camera for you and boy is it ever an awesome camera. I’m a big big fan of the D850. I may get another one someday…but in reality I think I prefer the D800E/D810 files over the D850 files. To each their own. Right?

I love my D850, but I already built my own wish-list D850 is far from being an ideal camera, but it an amazing tech! And a pretty expensive one taking into account all these new memory cards, grips, bigger batteries etc.

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