cheap 512GB CFExpress for D850

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Re: cheap 512GB CFExpress for D850

patricksmith32 wrote:

Just remember you have to manually set your ISO to base ISO64 and just leave the lens cap on when you perform the buffer test. You also technically need a fully charged battery and at least a 1/250th a second shutter speed to achieve the full 7fps and buffer limit. Higher ISO values and more complexity in a scene will cause the buffer to be reduced, so be sure you test them correctly. Also just wanted to add

But I'm going to shoot the real-world scene (horse, motorcycle, bird) and not the black cap

I consistently get 51 shots @ 7 fps with Sandisk Extreme Pro CFe with ISO 1,600 and shutter 1/160 sec. Though I don't always need 7fps, too many pictures to look through in the post-processing...

myself and other's have shot countless thousands of images on D810/D850's and other camera's at both 12bit and 14bit. comparing the two. None of us could find any real advantages to shooting 14bit over 12bit. Therefor I always had my D850's set to Lossless 12bit RAW and I spent $750 on the grip and what not to get 9fps. As the grip

That is true, I don't notice the difference too, but if I paid for the camera capable of 14-bits I will try to use it, just in case it will be easier for Photoshop/Lightroom/DxO/Topaz retain the original colors

and larger more powerful batteries seem to provide better AF. The AF sub-mirror is able to feed light to AF sensor array almost 30% more at 9fps vs. 7fps! Without a doubt the genuine Nikon MB-D18 and EN-EL18c battery seem to improve autofocus

I'm not ready to make my gear even more heavy and bulky. I take my cameras to the hike and I prefer to keep them clipped (Peak Design clips) - looks something like that:

awesome...the D5 is better AF wise. Only the D6 and D780 give the D5 a run for it's money. The D6 without a doubt has the very best AF of any DSLR ever made, but it's hard to say by how much. All I know is my keeper rate is up and I absolutely love the D6!

D6 and D5 have way less megapixels than D850. With D850 I find that looking at 100% magnification sometimes makes pictures look noisier, but if I scale to the same size (as D750), these extra megapixels actually is an advantage. I just got my brand-new D850 and learning how to tame this monster and use it effectively.

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