New Printer for infrequent printing

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New Printer for infrequent printing

Hi All,

So after upgrading my Mac (M1 Mac Mini running on macOS 12.6) I've now become aware that there's no printer driver for my trusty Canon Pro9000 Mkii (please somebody advise if there's a workaround?). I bought this printer for just $200 several years ago and have been using Precision Colors ink since without a hiccup despite not printing for several months at a time :-), zero clogging and my printing costs have essentially been just the cost of paper.

So I'm an infrequent printer, literally just a couple of times a year, so here's my thoughts on the way forward that I'd like to get some feedback on. Having said that, I've thought about putting more time aside for printing, it just hasn't materialized yet.

Option 1

Continue using the Pro9000 Mkii by printing from my work laptop (Windows 10) and play the wait and see game on printer evolution and / or prices?

Pro's: This is the cheapest option.

Con's: Am I missing out on some quality improvements today that later generation printers? Some slight inconvenience of switching machines to print.

Option 2

Purchase a Canon Pro-200 and use OEM inks. I'm being pulled towards Canon based on the longevity and lack of clogging despite infrequent printing that I experienced with the Pro9000 Mkii. I'm saying OEM inks after reading the comments on this printer by Precision Colors in that it doesn't seem as easy to refill with 3rd party inks, but hey if I'm printing infrequently my ink costs aren't going to be high anyways.

Pro's: Two generations newer dye ink printer vs Pro9000 Mkii and so I'd expect some quality improvement? Several years more support expected from Canon.

Con's: Upfront cost of $550 (does this printer ever have big discounts?) and OEM ink prices.

Option 3

Purchase a used Canon Pro-100 and use Precision Colors ink. Is this completely bonkers in what is almost 2023?

Pro's: The next cheapest option after Option 1. Some slight quality improvements maybe vs Pro9000 Mkii?

Cons: Upfront cost ($300) for a printer released in 2013. How much longer will Canon continue to upgrade drivers to keep compatibility with macOS updates?

Option 4

Purchase a Canon Pro-1000. If I was a regular printer this would be a no brainer based on all the positive  comments I've read about this printer.

Pro's: Significant jump in quality. Larger print sizes.

Con's: Cost of machine and the ink needed for "maintenance" cycles. Does anybody know how much ink is used per month for maintenance assuming no other printing is done that month? $10? $20? $30? Printer released in 2015, how much longer will Canon support this printer? When can we expect the next generation of printer?

Option 5

Find a local print shop for such infrequent printing? I enjoy the process of printing and developing this skillset, so although I've mentioned this option it's not high on the list.

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