Should I go and replace GFX 50r with Lumix S1r

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Should I go and replace GFX 50r with Lumix S1r

So, I recently got into Lumix S system.

And I love it.

Love S1, love ergonomics, build quality.

Love Sigma lenses.

I got already 4 lenses for this sysem: Lumix 24-105, Lumix S 50 1.8, Sigma 100-400, Sigma 35 1.4 DG DN.

Now, I am asking myself -- is it make sense to keep my GFX or I can maybe merge into single system instead of two, buy replacing it with high-res body like S1R? I can sell 50r for same price as S1R, so it will be easy exchange. And invest what left from GFX lenses into Lumix S system: into Sigma 20 1.8 and Lumix 70-200 2.8, for example.

Does it sound reasonable?

Why I use GFX 50r, first of all --

1) It's ultimate set for landscape photography. Resolution is great, details are awesome, lense are awesome, dynamic range is huuuuge. It's great for that.

2) It is a camera, which has outstanding image quality -- basically perfect on 100% pixel view. The sensor is great, but lenses also so good -- they outperform this sensor, even wide open.

3) Some lenses, like GF 63 and GF 110 has unique rendering -- there are no aspherical elements, lenses made more "old school", but they still perfect optically. And so out of focus areas are perfect.

4) It's relatively compact for Medium Format, relatively light and relatively affordable.

Now -- why I don't always like it?

1) Autofocus is good, but good for medium format. It is not super slow and it is quit precise, so for portraits or for landscape it is up to task. But it is sure slower that full frame, S1 outperforms it.

2) Lenses choice is not bad, but they are not cheap. 2500-3000 for a decent prime or zoom. It's ok for medium format but in general expensive compare to Sigma's DG DN's. But comparable to native options on full frame.

3) Lenses are big and heavy. Well, that just physics. It still does not stop me from using it, for landscape I don't care much and for portrait also. On all other cases, I don't use it.

4) You can not get pas 200 mm (simply no lenses) and you can not get wider than 16mm. But I don't really need tbh.

So, as you see -- it's not much that I don't like and a lot that I like. From other perspective -- having two bodies (S1 + S1R) in same system, with same batteries, with same lenses make sense compare to two systems.

So I wonder can I go and replace GFX 50r with 47 MP S1R? Will I regret? ))

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