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So should I move to L-mount for landscapes?

Started 3 months ago | Discussions thread
nameless0ne Contributing Member • Posts: 656
Re: So should I move to L-mount for landscapes?

pdk42 wrote:

kbouk wrote:

Paul I think we are in the same boat !

I'm also a hard core m43 user (8/1.8, 15/1.7, 17/1.2, 25/1.4 , 45/1.2, 75/1.8, 8-25/4,40-150/4 and some good 4/3 glass from the past ..... )

I recently found a very good bargain and bought a S1R + 20-60 + S85/1.8 combo to decide if I use it for Landscape and portrait and I will begin shortly comparisons with my OM1 + 8-25/4 + 45/1.2 pro (especially with ΗΗΗR mode) to see the advantages from S1R's 47Px sensor on static Landscape and architectural scenes.

The 47Mpx MpX sensor drove me to buy S1R instead the smaller S5 body mainly for Landscape use (I already know that is behind S5 for low light work).

I hope Panasonic decide to be bold and bring us a new smaller body (S5ΙΙ) with a 34Mpx sensor at least , I think that movement will close the deal for me also for portability and I then I will invest for a wider angle lens as Sigma 16-28/2.8 or S 16-35/4 Lumix

Yes, I'm looking to see what the S5II brings. I think a 34/36Mp sensor will clinch the deal for me buying one and it will definitely see me selling the wide/normal end of my m43 kit.

I've just ordered a TTArtisan 11mm f2.8 fisheye for the S5. I've had one before, and was extremely impressed with it.

I am also waiting for S5 II. Not only because I can get it for myself to replace my S1, but also to see what Pana will bring into the system itself. If that will be a good release I can imagine selling my Fuji GFX system and buying more into Pana + Sigma. I can imagine replacing GFX 50r with Lumix S1r + some DG DN Sigmas.

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