R7 BUG: Manual lens + IBIS not working properly.

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R7 BUG: Manual lens + IBIS not working properly.

I believe I've found a bug in the latest v1.2.0 R7 firmware. Fully manual lenses with no contacts will not engage the R7 IBIS automatically as they should.

This appears, for me, to only affect fully manual lenses that have no electronic contacts to the R7. In this case, an RF mount TTArtisan 25mm F2. It is fully manual aperture and focus. It simply mounts with no contacts. I would imagine this is the same for any adapted manual lenses that have no contacts as well. (Canon FD adapter, etc)

I have found that IBIS is not engaging properly with my manual lens, and I found a way to engage it with a workaround.

With a fully manual lens, you first need to set the "Focal Length" option in "IS (Image Stabilizer) mode" menu option. [RED Camera, section 8, first menu option]

Once set, the IBIS should be calibrated to work with a fully manual lens. Or, at least, it's supposed to. When you use the 10x magnification through the viewfinder, you will see IBIS is not enabled, everything is jumpy. Turning the camera off and on does not fix this.

The workaround, it must be done exactly this way:

If you go back into the IS menu, and set the "Focal Length" to something really low like 05mm, set it, then focus on an image with half shutter trigger, then go back into the menu and set it back to the proper length like 25mm, then go back to focus on an image using the 10x magnification you will now see everything is steady, IBIS is fully engaged. You can take your photos as expected. Nice and sharp.

When the camera sleeps, or is turned off, you will need to go through this process all over again. IBIS will not engage without this specific method. Annoying.

The 10x magnification through the viewfinder is how you will easily tell that your IBIS is engaged or not (Other than motioned blurred photos).

I'd like to see if anyone else can reproduce this.

Canon EOS R7
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