Deep Snow and Cold Wind in the Cascades with the Nikon Z50

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Deep Snow and Cold Wind in the Cascades with the Nikon Z50

Alright, it's been a while since I shared some photos here, and just had a pretty solid trip.

This last weekend I took a small group out to the cascades to snowshoe around the several feet of fresh snow we got over the past few days. The forecast had a projected high of -5C with steady 30km/h winds putting the windchill around -11C. I had wanted to wait to bring a camera into these conditions until I got a backup/beater but the conditions were ripe for great photos.

So my main goal was to make sure the group left the mountains with as many toes as we arrived with, my secondary goal was to not break my expensive camera by taking a dip through a tree well.

Inside the forest, every gust of wind hitting the tops of the trees would send a glitter bomb of snow dust lit by the early sun.

The good thing about leading groups is that you get ample subjects, and get to help people who aren't capable of breaking trails go see places they normally wouldn't.

Sometimes you get a real trooper who is willing to split time breaking trail with you though and that's a huge bonus.

Eventually, though, you get above most of the trees blocking the wind and have to face it yourself. The Z50 didn't seem to notice much, though with my face mask up the EVF would fog instantly. I'd have to take down my mask for shots in the wind, my lips quickly feeling like they were just given a shot at the dentist.

Once at the top we were greeted with views of the surrounding volcanos. Three Finger Jack with his impressive western face, sheer enough to barely hold the snow. I've seen ski trails on this face before which seems like asking to test your avalanche beacon 9 miles from the nearest access point.

Mt. Jefferson rising the wilderness of the same name.

Mt. Washington and the Three Sisters, just far enough away that the atmospherics obliterated any details.

The few trees that decided to make the top of this hill their home did their best to hold onto the early-season snow.

The borders of the seasons always make for great contrast. I visit these mountains regularly. This was just 10ish days prior.

We managed our way down, saying high to all the skiers, splitboarders, and snowshoers enjoying our trail from earlier in the morning. A successful day with a happy group that kept all their toes.

The other good news is that I only fell into one tree trying to position for a photo but managed to keep the camera facing up. The Z50 and 50-250mm handled the cold very well, luckily I didn't have to test the lens getting moisture inside of it. The dials were easy enough to use with my mittens on, but I did struggle a bit to hit the Fn buttons on the front or use the i-menu and directional pad.

My thrashable kit is arriving in a week so this is probably the last of these trips the Z50 will be on. I'll let the Z50 survive on a high note so it can strut its stuff during the summer and fall.

OK, gonna disappear into comment sections for the next few weeks again.

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