A7RIV vs A7IV suitability for general purpose, lowlight, and street photography?

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Re: A7RIV vs A7IV suitability for general purpose, lowlight, and street photography?

Jaw3000 wrote:

I’ve seen statements like “Getting sharp 60mp images is much more difficult than getting sharp 24/30mp images” and “technique is more important” thrown around regarding the R - I’m curious about this, especially as a handheld street camera and in real-world usage. If you have a fast enough shutter, then I don’t really understand why the 60mp sensor should be any real difference? Other than if the IV/V sensor has issues with being slow (I’m not talking bursts). If you have to always shoot fast shutter to avoid sharpness issues, then you have to raise the ISO in less than perfect light (especially in low light), which is already has a lower range and is noisier on the R. Obviously, being able to pixel-peep farther at 60mp could expose inconsistencies and softness that might not be as visible at 24/30mp, but that doesn’t mean they are not present. Is this an issue with the R IV/V? What am I missing? I'm trying to determine if these are real issues with the R IV?

Owner of all three cameras here. The A7IV is a better all-rounder than the A7RIV, and newer, but that 60MP crop is amazing.

I also just received my A7RV and have posted a bit about it. This one may be interesting to you: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/66674907

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