Cost of ownership of post processing software

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Cost of ownership of post processing software

It's a question of several dimensions.

Upfront cost.

Ongoing upgrade cost.

But more ...

Learning curve and time to learn and successfully apply new features.

Ability to successfully edit, and how long it takes per picture over next few years.

Still more ...

Associated hardware costs, need to upgrade hardware.

Associated software such as the operating system and other supporting software, need to update and upgrade or purchase, such as add-ons and 3rd party.

Still more ...

The overal post processing path that may differ from platform to platform to get end result (printed, sold, published, etc.) depending on your situation.

Is the result competitive and sufficient for the need at hand, or is there a handicap of some sort by choosing a particular platform to get some advantage in another area.

Still more ...

But how to differentiate?

If a person chooses to shoot only JPG and do no post processing, then basically NONE of the above costs apply. That's one defining criteria of what costs apply in this consideration.

Time costs end up being considerably more important than upfront cost to buy post processing software. The associated time to learn, to maintain and upgrade, and to consistently successfully use the software on the hardware platform YOU DO HAVE, is the primary cost driver here. The time to go from start to fully finished.

Without saying more describing the path I had to walk to get to this point ... DxO proved out to be the lowest cost for me overall without a doubt. But offer ...

No new hardware, working on 8 year old machine. No hardware or software upgrades needed. My GPU is insufficient and never is used by any of the programs.

Added FastStone used for initial image review and for comparing output photos.

Have stopped using NX Studio, as DxO reduces my previous time per photo.

Got up to speed quickly as the UI is intuitive. Started getting success almost immediately.

All current needs are fulfilled except stitching together multiple photos. In my case, the photos I put out of DxO are better than the JPG sooc and better than NX Studio which is pretty good and about the only competitor to DxO that I came across for Nikon, but recently I added Sony to the mix and needed to handle those raw photos.

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