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Re: Just so you know.

Will Faulkner wrote:

But aren't all companies national ?

Some of my clients are what I would call "Local" because they would only sell 'their thing' in Ireland , for example, or even just in the north of Ireland - and so they would only need to use my images in that one small part of the world...

.. whereas others I would call "National" because they may want to use my images throughout the UK & Ireland , since that would be their market...

.. and then there would be "International" which could mean they sell across Europe or even throughout the World.

However, just because they sell 'their thing' throughout the world, that doesn't automatically mean that they will want to use my images throughout the World - because they may only want to use my images in their local ads or in their local marketing material, for example... which is very often the case.

Which is why the fee is based on the use of the work, e.g. the Territory of use - rather on the size of the company.

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