Need a new PC, minimum requirements in 2022?

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Re: Need a new PC, minimum requirements in 2022?

edispics wrote:

Carey Brown wrote:

Carey Brown wrote:

Skeeterbytes wrote:

Thank you very much, this is the sort of insight and detail I need to make a good choice. Digital Storm looks like a great resource, if possibly hazardous to my wallet.



With Digital Storm it's easy to see how "gold plated" our wishes are. But you can keep tweaking the config till it's something more affordable that you'd still be able to work with.

Here's a DS BUILD for $2,700 that is their recommended top i9 build to which I added:

Velox chassis - not plastic, added about $280

3060 video card, added about $250

it already comes with a 3-fan water cooler

Interesting, great choice in components. There is another guy on the forum who just listed the items in his new system (Craig below) and they appear almost identical to yours and mine.

I was curious about how much more one pays to have a system assembled with a warranty vs DIY.

So the total cost of your system was 2700 + 280 + 250 or 3,230 USD?

I guess I wasn't clear enough. There was a base price to which I added the video card and the steel chassis and the total came to 2700.

By comparison I am waiting for the parts for my system which is almost identical to yours, but I have always assembled my own PCs. The price comparison is below. Here are the parts from PC Part Picker in Canadian Dollars. The total in USD is 1,995. Basically the same system except your 1 TB NVME is a 3 X 4 and I am using a 4 X 4 and you have 32 GB mem and mine has 64 gb. I have a Win 11 license so that is excluded.

So about 1,200 more for assembly and warranty?

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