What do you all think of my quoting template?

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Will Faulkner
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Re: Just so you know.

Perhaps I am quoting the wrong way. I am prepared to try new things but I must be careful as this is how I feed my family. A shift in business management may be easier to do when you have a history of clients and licensing fees rolling in but I am not at that level and not ashamed to admit it. Pro photography is my 3rd long term career now

Now here's a video where Scott addresses when to charge licensing. And in other videos I have heard Scott talk about charging a day rate as a line item as well as all expenses like retouching as line items.

He says you need to determine the size of the client to determine if licensing should be applied. But how can we determine that? This decision needs to be removed from the quoting formula I think.

When to charge a licensing fee.


Also Mr Karl Taylors online photography business course recommends charging for labour, + expenses including file deliverywhich I don't think would fly down here

then only applying licensing to companies that are national or international companies. (But aren't all companies national ? ) . Seems to me that there is no universally accepted way of quoting clients across the globe.

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