Sigma 35mm 1.4 - am i crazy to prefer the hsm version to the dg dn?

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Re: Sigma 35mm 1.4 - am i crazy to prefer the hsm version to the dg dn?

mainoo wrote:

Photo_AK wrote:

This guy compared both lenses ...:

Thanks very much for responding. Yes, I'd seen that. I like his channel and watch his reviews but they don't really tell you about rendering (not easily measurable and very subjective). I base my assessment on watching page after page of images on flickr - a process that has been described in the past a a fool's errand. I try to find someone using the lens in a way that I find pleasing (ie someone I think is a decent photographer) and then only look at those photos.

I think the problem with using my method for this comparison is that there aren't enough examples of the new lens and there are tons of the older lens (making it easier to find "decent" photographers). I love the rendering of the old lens (it doesn't feel as modern as the new one - less contrasty and sharp, more subtle colour.

Thanks again for engaging.

While not really interested in that particular lens, I did check out the video link.

If I WERE a prospective buyer of that lens, I would find it pretty difficult to get any sort of idea of the rendering of the lens from that video. His photos and video were lovely, but it is readily apparent that there is so much post processing on both his stills and video that it would be difficult to get a feel for the rendering straight out of camera.

Sorry that this comment probably isn't helpful in your impending decision. I guess it is more of a caveat to all potential buyers of lenses and cameras to really try and discern what is created by the hardware, and what is created by the software.

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