still fighting it - PC reboots trying to boot to Win10 drive

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still fighting it - PC reboots trying to boot to Win10 drive

This is the PC from hell - a cheap Lenovo Ideacenter 310s with 4GB of RAM running Windows 10.

I managed to clone the HDD to a 480GB SSD and boot from it. I managed to get some Windows updates installed (manually), but all further attempts to update the PC have failed.

If in Windows Update, I always see the 'Your device is missing important security and quality fixes.

If I try to boot the PC from a thumbdrive, it begins to boot, then just suddenly reboots and starts over, repeating the same thing infinitely.

When I say thumbdrive, I mean a bunch of different rescue drives, not just Windows Rescue/Win10 Installation. I also mean Knoppix, Hiren BootCD, Kyhi, etc. (from here:

Windows Media Creation Tool and variants:   I made a Win10 Installation Disk.   It just reboots as soon as the Windows logo appears.

Windows 10 22H2 stand-alone patch - this patch takes over an hour to install, and almost completes - it get to 97% done, then fails and rolls back the installation. (Extremely disappointing.)   I've had this happen 2-3 times with this patch, and a couple of other long KB manual installations.

I think the best clue is in the Win10 installation disk which reboots early in the process.  Is there a way to step through the boot cycle when booting from this thumbdrive?

My theory here is some bad/rogue driver, or possibly failed hardware.   It works as long as the existing driver is used (or it's not used until touched by a new installation attempt), but when the updated driver from a patch or Win10 boot disk is attempted, the PC crashes/reboots.

How can I identify the offending package?  Ideally I'd boot from the Win10 thumbdrive and step through each load line one by one as it boots.

I've tried Driver Booster (free edition) to identify and update all the drivers it does for free.

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