Behavioral Diff Between MacBook and Mac Pro

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Rod Baakkonen
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Behavioral Diff Between MacBook and Mac Pro

This is kind of hard to explain. I have a MacBook for travel and a MacPro that I mostly use for photoshop.

There is an irritating behavior that I experience on the MacPro that does not happen on the MacBook. Both are running 12.6.1 (21G217).  And this irritation has been around going back multiple earlier releases of the Mac OS. So it is not something new that was introduced via an upgrade.

It also occurs across multiple apps. Numbers, Pages and Safari all experience this behavior.

The problem occurs when I click to change to focus from 1 app to another. Before clicking on say a row in say the Numbers app, I can use the scroll wheel on my mouse to move up or down rows within the Numbers app.  When I try and click on the row I want to do a modification on,  the app scrolls forward or backward to the row that I have previously edited. Sometimes this can be a huge number of rows from where the row was that I clicked.

In other words, it seems the app remembers where I last was within the file  and goes there instead of where I scrolled to before clicking.

This also happens when I do a cmd 'F' to do a find within a file or page.  I see the line that contains what I've searched for. When I go to click on it, the app scrolls back to where I was editing prior to doing the search.

This only happens on my MacPro. I don't experience this on my Macbook.

Anybody else ever experience this behavior?  There must be a OS setting somewhere that impacts this, as multiple apps do this irritating scrolling to where I last was within the app.

I have other weird behavior on the MacPro that comes and goes too.  Sometimes when I am typing in a text box, or entering a search criteria in a URL, my space bar does not space. I have to do cmd 'Space' to put a blank between words.  This comes and goes. Most times my space bar works fine.

Again this does not happen on my MacBook running the same OS. Any ideas of if there is some OS setting that affects this behavior?

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