Z mirrorless + DXO make good team - High ISO {Samples ISO 800-ISO 36,000}

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Z mirrorless + DXO make good team - High ISO {Samples ISO 800-ISO 36,000}

I find myself allowing for higher ISO, since using my DXO Photo Lab (ver 4)

I have slow lenses (travel light) and often I will need to boost ISO to gain faster shutter speeds.

Between the really good sensor in the Z 50, shooting RAW and using DXO PL 4 to convert and remove noise, I like the results enough to be more  free in allowing higher  ISO:

Here's some examples, from low to high ISO. See captions area below each image  for ISO and any other info:

ISO 800. even cropped to 4.6 MP, .noise is a non issue at this setting.

ISO 1250 also cropped a bit

ISO 1600 cropped a lot

ISO 2000

ISO 2200

ISO 3200

ISO 3200

ISO 4500

ISO 5000


I have hardly any mages with higher ISO than these..but might in the future

ISO 16,000

ISO 36,000

Even with last two images cropped a lot, they are still usable...nothing great, but usable, IMHO:

ISO 16,000  Cropped to 3MP

Cropped to .72MP..then up sampled to 3.2MP

This was not a controlled test by ANY means..just my observation using my Z 50 and DXO Photo Lab ver 4.

For best results keep ISO low and expose well. Shoot RAW.

Feel free to post your High ISO shots and mention the software you used.



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