Adobe Dumps EXIF Data in PSCS RAW

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Adobe Dumps EXIF Data in PSCS RAW

I think it is just coming to light, but if you are doing RAW processing with PS CS you will find that the industry standard EXIF data has been dumped in favor of Adobe proprietary XMP language. This means when you save your RAW image as a Tiff or JPEG the standard EXIF data is not available, only their XMP data which actually contains the camera's exif data, but is unusable by any standard application that knows how to process exif data.

You may say no big deal, but you might be surprised how many programs use EXIF data. I use ptGUI for building panoramas and it uses EXIF info to determine various parameters about the lens such as FOV which is determined by the focal length, and the x and y deminsions of the image which are contained in the EXIF data. Well it is not there anymore. I am sure that there are many more applications which make use of this information, including applications that are used to safeguard copyrights. What about file organizers that use EXIF for sorting and retrieving files. They wont work right either. ...

Adobe is acting like Microsoft, but they are not a Microsoft even though they may be over priced. I would like to suggest that if you feel this action on Adobe's part is not in your best interest or the best interest of digital photography in general, then we should organize in some way to force Adobe to reinstate the EXIF data present in the RAW images.

What shoud be done.

1. Notify other forums of this action, both here in DPReview, and other sites.

2. Get and post appropriate email addresses of Adobe marketing decision makers. Then email them with CIVIL objections to their course of action.

3. Get and post appropriate email addresses of Camera manufactures and again make them aware of Adobes action and how it is detremental to digital photography.

4. Get and post appropriate email addresses of photography publications and again let them know that you are upset with Adobes action.

5. Get and post appropriate email addresses of photographic associations and let them of your concerns.

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