VERO - Anyone there?

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Len Philpot
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VERO - Anyone there?

I realize this isn't a landscape or travel topic, strictly speaking, but there are lots of landscape and travel photos on VERO so it's not a big jump. Besides, DPR has no more applicable forum...

Is anyone here on VERO? Any opinions? I joined for free apparently before it went 100% pay-only. I post some images there and I have mixed feelings about it, but I'm a definite "non-pro amateur".

"No algorithm" is nice in that it's FAR more consistent than some other platforms. But discovering and / or being discovered on it seems more difficult. Due to the limitations of following, being followed and connections it seems kinda oriented toward those who want to set up 'channels' (for lack of a better term) between themselves and others they already know. I can search for specific photographers and follow them and I can open up my visibility to whoever might already be there. But without some kind of feed if no one's looking, you'll never be seen.

Why does that affect me, as an amateur's amateur?

Well, I'd like to get feedback and input beyond the usual "gee your photos sure have really pretty colors" stuff you tend to get from friends and family, generically speaking. There are many photographers I admire and respect on VERO and from what I've seen some are pretty interactive with others, giving advice, feedback, etc.

But apparently to achieve that, you need to build connections. And there's the rub, for me at least.

Seen from the context of a photographer I don't know and who certainly doesn't know me (a rank amateur), it seems more than a little presumptuous -- basically arrogant, indeed -- that I would request a connection from any of them. I mean who am I to presume they'd have any interest at all in "connecting" with me (for whatever value "connecting" actually offers on VERO). I'm not trying to sell anyone short nor dismiss their humanity, it just seems that way in general.

Anyone have a viewpoint on the other side of this situation? Has anyone you don't know requested a connection? How do you view that?

Or am I misunderstanding how things really work on VERO?



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