EOS R5 EVF unusable in low light

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EOS R5 EVF unusable in low light

Hi folks,

during the black weeks I found a good offer for the EOS R5 and went for it.

Don't get me wrong, overall it's a great camera but there is one thing that is super disappointing: The much praised EVF is next to unusable when panning in low light, even with shutter speeds above 1/120s and a fixed ISO value and even while panning slowly. There is a lot of tearing, ghosting and stuttering going on which is mindboggling for a 4k$/€ camera. The LCD on the other hand looks fine.. Anti Flicker is off, EFC, AF mode does not matter, IBIS on/off does not matter, Auto ISO or fixed IOS does not matter, AV with Min Shutter Speed <=1/125 or TV with Shutter Speed <=1/125, RF 28-70 f2.

I have the direct comparison of an EOS R, a Nikon Z6 and a Nikon Z7 and neither of those cameras have those issues. User experience is much better under those conditions with those cameras..

I found a few threads here describing the same issue: 1 , 2, 3 .

The only solution is to enable Smooth Display Performance in combination with "supress lower frame rate". With those settings enabled it looks actually smooth, but as detailed in thread #3 above Canon does not want you to use this mode due to:

• Faster battery consumption
• Fewer shots available
• Lower image display brightness
• Difficulty in autofocusing
• Lower metering precision
• Lower flicker detection precision
• Lower subject detection precision

Now I am a bit curious:

- How do you deal with that behavior? Has anyone discovered any additional "magic" settings/parameters that affect this issue?

- Is it the same with the R6/R6 II?

- Has anyone systematically tested the downsides of "supress lower frame rate"? (espc. Lower subject detection / AF precision)

- How is it possible that such a blatant performance degradation is not mentioned in any review?

To me this is a joke, especially when considering that this effect even takes place when forcing the camera to utilize shutter speeds above 1/120s.. HOW can there be any "slower frame rate" that has to be supressed if I manually select parameters that should circumvent that? Seems to be kind of a bad joke by Canon..

Thanks in advance & best regards.

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