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Re: Need is a wonderful thing.

Will Faulkner wrote:

A once off licensing fee might be a good balance between no licensing and repeating licensing.

Yes, as commented on by Ashley and Michael.

there's a lot of work out there that I don't wont to miss out on just because they wouldn't expect to pay a license.

Are you missing out on making money, or are you missing out on losing money?

Only charge licensing to businesses that are national or international entities.

If everyone else gets unlimited at some low rate (aka "small business rate"), then the quality and speed of the work - your costs - needs to reflect that.

I feel I probably should have charged licensing as they are a national wholesale food manufacturer.


But again I am trying to get a foot in the door and the customer seems happy so far.

As long as you understand that you have just set the rate you're going to work for, for this client, in perpetuity.  They will not likely agree to an uplift as you get busier.

I feel much repeat business is imminent

Yes, the "future business carrot" is much used in negotiation.  Sometimes it's real - but you can't pay your bills now with possible future business.  As the Brits say, 'a bird in hand is worth two in the bush'.

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