Need a new PC, minimum requirements in 2022?

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Re: Need a new PC, minimum requirements in 2022?

Skeeterbytes wrote:

Hi folks,

My 5YO PC used for images has died and I'm shopping for a replacement. Having not kept up, I am learning we are in a transition period: Win 10 to Win 11, Intel i7 to i9; DDR4 to DDR5, PCIe 4 to PCIe 5, etc.

I'm agnostic on Win 10 versus 11, but assume MS will end support for 10, eventually. Also, vendors may tailor future products for Win 11 only. Likewise, i7 versus i9 seems a numbers game (even more cores!) and it may be that a fast i7 is better than a slowish i9, but I don't know if one is better (faster) for handling image imports and rendering edits. My now dead machine gave significant time lags with repetitive tasks and I'd like to leave that in the rear view mirror.

In sum, want something robust for importing 2-3,000 shot sessions and batch-editing large groups of images, with room for upgrade and expansion over a five-year span. Don't edit video, so that's not a particular concern. My first-cut criteria:

  • Fast i7 or i9
  • Win 11 Pro (is 10 Pro preferable to 11 Home?)
    1TB SSD main drive, PCIe 5.
    Room for at least three HDDs
    64GB memory, DDR 5 (or 32 GB and I double it myself later)
    "Fast enough" video card with 8GB memory
    As many fast USB connections as possible, with a good number of them in front or on top.
    Bluetooth, wireless (missing from many so-called workstation PCs)
    Optical drive
    Card reader
    600 watt power supply

I welcome your thoughts on the most important specs and criteria for handling images, and any changes or additions to my spec list. NB I'm not technically well versed in this realm but can at least open a case and swap components on my own.

Many thanks in advance!


What pushes me to recommend the higher end specs is your requirements for: 2-3,000 shot sessions, batch-editing, five year hard working life span.

* Many chassis only offer slots for two 3.5" drives plus two 2.5" drives
RTX 3060 or RTX 3060 Ti video card
Bluetooth on some mother boards
Optical drives - probably need to go external on this, most chassis don't have external drive slots unless you're building your own PC and can shop around{
Card reader - internal card readers almost never support the high transfer rate connections. Probably need latest external for fast download.
700Watts is probably your minimum with the possibility of 850 if you go with (now or later) a higher video card.

Highly recommend checking out Digital Storm. They will build a custom system for you. I've had two great systems from them and plan on buying  my next one from them too. You can play around with their parts chooser and see what a system would run you. What you're asking for is about the spec I've been playing with lately and depending on how carried away I get I go from $3,100 to $3,900. But that's a top-tier spec.

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