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More XT5 notes

After using the XT5 for a bit, these are some additional observations. I'm coming from the XT3:

  • As some have noticed, the Focus Lever no longer behaves the same as the XT3. There's no way to program it to click once to edit the AF point, then click again to recenter. Those functions are now separated, and it can only do one or the other, not both.
  • I think I see a shift in the color science of this sensor. That is, all of the film simulations have the same effect relative to each other, but for example, Classic Negative High looks slightly different than Classic Negative High on the XT3. It's like Kodak making all of the same emulsions on a different base or something. It could just be my imagination, or an effect of the other differences in the sensors, like noise. Unfortunately, I've already traded in my XT3 or I would offer some direct comparisons. If anyone still has both, I'd like to see some.
  • But I'm definitely enjoying the 40MP resolution. The 26MP resolution of my XE4 now seems "quaint." Can't wait for it to inherit the new sensor. Loving the crop ability, still undecided on the noise (in certain conditions). But have you tried using S or M size modes? Wow! Foveon-like sharpness.
  • Although the AF is definitely improved. I'm a little disappointed that I now devote 3 buttons to control it: (1) the Focus Lever to edit and recenter the AF point, (2) the AF ON button to choose the AF-C CUSTOM SETTINGS, and (3) the rear dial click and wheel to select and adjust the AF MODE (I leave the menu items set to ALL, and the rear dial allows me to recall and cycle through all possible settings - I find this very handy). What I'd really like is a set-it-and-forget-it zone type focus that can read my mind
  • Also, as others have noted, pressing the Menu button now seems to take you to the last item used, rather than My Menu if you have it set up. I'd prefer going directly to My Menu. Otherwise, the convenience advantage of using My Menu is somewhat degraded.
  • I'm slowly getting used to the extra thickness of the body. I think I'm ok with it now. But if this line can shrink all the way back down to the XT1 in all dimensions, it wouldn't hurt my feelings.
  • I normally shoot in AF-S mode, with focus-and-recompose technique. However, the viewfinder and rear screen darken when I half press the shutter (metering kicks in). None of my settings changes seem to have an effect. If anyone had a cure, I'd love to know. Maybe my XT3 did this, too, but it certainly wasn't this pronounced.
  • I'm pretty convinced I won't get an additional grip for this one like my XT3. I would like an Arca Swiss custom-fit base plate, however. My hope is that Really Right Stuff or Small Rig makes one. If you've already found one, please let me know!
  • The only Fn button that is giving me grief is the front button next to the shutter release. It's so flat and nestled between the power switch and the EC dial that I'm having a hard time pressing it.
  • The Q button musle memory still needs some work.
  • I wish they had used the wide strap lugs instead of these two pin-hole protrusions.
  • Also as others have noted, you have to press and hold the DELETE and REAR DIAL longer to format the cards. This shortcut no longer responds as quickly as previous models.
  • I never knew about the EF+M+E shutter mode. It's the only item on page 2 of the sub-menu, and therefore easy to miss. I like this mode.
  • I haven't configured it yet to automatically recall the C1 custom setting, as offered in the menu, but I can see that being really useful. Now I just need to figure out where to assign it.

That's all I have, hope it helps. First post of this topic is here:

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