Potential side-effects of AA filter removal

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Re: Potential side-effects of AA filter removal

PLShutterbug wrote:

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

If that's the case, then why doesn't cameras like the APS-C Z50/Zfc have an AA Filter, but yet are still 21MP. Does it have something to do with the fat they are lower res and smaller sensors perhaps?

Well, indirectly. From what I’ve learned, the key is pixel density.

24MP full-frame cameras have similar density as 12MP DX.

46MP FF and 24MP DX are also almost the same.

If you need an AA filter with 24MP FF, you’ll need it with the 12MP DX too. And vice-versa for 46/24.

One part of this is that if you have very high pixel density, many lenses - i.e. all except the very sharpest ones - will act as a bit of a low-pass filter and suppress moire. It is only when you have a lens that resolves very well relative to the sensor's pixel density that you may possibly get problems.

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