Upgrading to another camera soon!

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Re: Upgrading to another camera soon!

As a couple others have said, it’s really hard to offer advice without knowing more information.

What do you want to improve in your own work?

What kinds of subjects do you photograph/what kinds of subjects would you like to be able to photograph? (Wildlife? Friends and family? Landscapes? The milky way? Tiny insects? Architecture?)

What lenses are you currently using?

What lenses (really, what focal lengths and apertures) are being used to make the photographs others take that you like?

Are you shooting jpeg or raw?

Maybe getting a new camera body would help you but it’s also very likely that an additional lens for your Nikon, investing in post-processing software and shooting in raw (if you don’t already), trying new techniques with your current Nikon, experimenting with a polarizer or tripod or any other type of photographic equipment that isn’t another camera body (that wouldn’t be able to use any of the lenses you currently have) would be both cheaper and give you the upgrade you want.

When you’ve been looking at images from the canon, have you also been taking note of what lenses/f-stops were used? If there’s a particular lens you want to learn about you can google (for example) “Nikon 105mm f/2.8 ais flickr” and then find lots of photos on Flickr taken with that lens. Often the f-stop, iso, and shutter speed will also be identified so you can see if (as another example) what you want is a faster lens.

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