Mirrorless cannot pre-calculate final image with bounce flash?

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Re: You are correct

MarshallG wrote:

peterharvey wrote:


Well.. the EVF will help you preview exposure...

"Exposure" is the amount of light reaching the sensor while the shutter is open.   It is not how dark or light the image looks.   The same exposure can result in a dark, light or normal looking image, depending on your exposure.   If your image looks to light, the exposure may be perfect, but your ISO may be set too high.

Now you could say that EVF helps you judge your ISO setting.  EVF can help you determine if the ISO is set too high or too low for the expected exposure.


Again, I am not saying that EVF isn't useful, it's just that we should be clear on what it does so novices don't get confused about the difference between exposure and image lightness.  Nor do we want them to think that an image that is too light or too dark has must have an exposure problem (it could just as easily have an ISO problem).

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