What do you all think of my quoting template?

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Re: What do you all think of my quoting template?

Will Faulkner wrote:

Thanks to all who have replied. I feel like my quote template is a liittle stronger now. I've attached it here.

I now need to go back to my client who was quoted a half day of labour and 4 hours of retouching based on the scope of work being 4 photos. It turned out to be a half day of labour but split of 2 days on site. And 28 images shot. 30 finals to be retouched and provided. I'll still charge the 1/2 day labour but will need to come to an agreement before proceedeing to the retouching phase. With my retouching rate being $100 per hour and each image expecting to be 30 mins work I'm thinking of a compromise of $1000 (30x$50 less 33%).

Or maybe offer to just deliver the raw files and the client can hand the retouching over to the creative agency.

I'd be keen to hear all your thoughts.

I would be tempted to add the words "in writing" so the penultimate line reads "...unless notified in writing prior to the shoot."

When you allow oral notifications, you have no defense if the client retroactively decides to claim they notified you.

Even worse, they may say something, and you might forget.

When it comes to notifications, I think it's best to use a method that leaves a record.

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