Technology vs user enjoyment?

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Technology vs user enjoyment?

The other thread on the recent meeting video got me thinking 🤔

We know that while Pentax have some very useful and usable innovation they do often suffer on the spec sheets against modern milc.

The move to coloured or matte bodies and Japanese named filters ... agadashi tofu etc

The K3mkiii video of Man walking across stream in nature with his optical viewfinder and DA20-40 set to manual focus...

What other useful added value innovation could they bring ... serious, half stupid, joking, useful or useless???

Google maps on the back screen ?

Doggy treats compartment in battery grip for mans best friend ?

Built in IR filter ?

Colours you'd like to see ?

Lens options ?

In camera image stacking for astro? focus stacking for landscape or macro ?

If they are listening, maybe someone here could come up with the next best thing pentax could build into their cameras or software update.

Looking forward to some interesting suggestions 😀

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