My local camera store is awful

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My local camera store is awful

I feel bad for those who lose excellent camera stores due to changes in the industry.

I have to say that if my local camera shop went bust I would not miss it.

Over the years of buying gear, I've never bought gear from them. The experience has always been like throwing bloody meat to a shark.

Every time, in spite of saying what my budget it they bring out items that are about double that. It never works (on me) so I go online.

During the summer I found two rolls of obscure film and took it in. I was told they couldn't process it (fair enough) but offered no suggestions on anyplace local that might.

Last week I needed one large print quickly while my printer was off line.  I could upload an image to their website but could not find a way to order it for pickup - only delivery (which is slower and subject to the whims of delivery people).

I called and was told to go to the website (duh) and select the particular store/location and then upload. That's what I did before.

I found an email address and wrote, asking  about printing (attaching the file) and got no response at all.

And they wonder why business is failing. Multiple opportunities to provide some level of customer service but nothing.

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