What do you all think of my quoting template?

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Re: Need is a wonderful thing.

ampimagedotcom wrote:

amateurphotographer wrote:

This is interesting: "NO USE MAY BE MADE OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS UNTIL THE INVOICE IS PAID IN FULL." . My own experience, clients tend to need to use the photos immediately, either for social media or for their marketing to win other jobs, and typically their account department can't sort out the payment immediately as payments are often done at the end of the month. Large corporations typically need 30 calendar days as their is a paperwork trail to get payment, e.g. signed off by bosses, etc...

The reason for writing that on the front of the Quote, and in LARGE BOLD TYPE too, is because I want them to know that that is the deal before we go any further, i.e. before they commission me or ask me to do the work.

The bold part was just my computer copying text, no animosity intended.

I just wrote my own experience above, every photographer has the right to do it their own way. We are just sharing our experiences.

Just so you know: I normally wouldn’t ask my clients to pay me for anything in advance - so I therefore don’t actually think it’s to much to say, when quoting a price beforehand: you will need to pay me for the Licence to use my images, after your have seen the images but before you use them.

And it doesn’t matter to me whether they are a large international company or not, nor does it matter what type of business they run, that would still be deal as far as I would be concerned… which is why I would clearly state that on the front of all my Quotes & Invoices, and then would love it when they would say "but we need to use those images now"

To the OP,  I found this from a Google Search:


might be a good starting point, as it was written by an Australian legal team for photographers.

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