Potential side-effects of AA filter removal

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Re: Potential side-effects of AA filter removal

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So, LifePIxel is running a promo for BF/CM for $75 off an AA filter removal (which brings this down to $275 for a Z6 II). Contemplating having this done, and they said that while common concerns are WB shifts, the Z6 II won't have this issue (or shouldn't at least) after they do their AA filter removal/replacement process.

I'm aware that WB shifts and possible moire are side-effects of doing such a procedure (and am OK with both of them and can work around them), but what other potential problems could i run into doing this. I'm doing quite a bit of architectural type of work with the Z6 II (part of my Urban exploration) so I've thought about having the AA filter removed (I don't shoot video, so if the AA filter is primarily for video purposes, then that doens't matter much for my use). I just want to make sure I'm not opening myself up to other potential problems. The camera is out of warranty as well, so not worried about voiding the OEM warranty.

I have Z6/7 (I) and the 6 has and the 7 hasn't an AA filter.

I see little difference. No moiree and the like. A bit sharper, not sure if that is the absent filter and/or the higher pixelcount.

My guess is that Nikon think an AA filter is an improvement for the Z6 sensor.

I've found that most 24MP cameras (with the exception of Fuji's that I'm aware of) employ the AA filter (even Sony's a6000's I think have the AA filter; not sure on the Canon's, but most of the Nikon's -- DSLR and ML -- have it). I'll have to do some more comparison checking before I pull the trigger on this. I was also always under the general impression that the AA filter primarily helped with moire and other things for video use, where removal of moire may be more difficult in post processing, versus removing it in stills, and since most people shooting 4k will likely use a lower-res (20-24MP) camera, they opted to include it with the lower-res cameras.

Lower-resolution cameras are also just more susceptible to it than higher-resolution ones. I've seen moire only a few times with the Z7, but I am not sure I would want to go for it with a Z6 for architectural work (where you often do have repeating patterns if you shoot buildings at a distance).

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