Example of ReShape tool in PhotoLab 6

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Example of ReShape tool in PhotoLab 6

PhotoLab 6 has an all-new tool which hasn't been discussed much here. It's the ReShape tool, but there's a catch — it's only available if you also have a ViewPoint 4 licence. The tool puts a mesh over the image, which you can distort by dragging the nodes around. You can vary the granularity of the grid. Without this capability in PL, some images would have to be exported to something like Photoshop or Affinity, for further editing.

Let's look at an example. I took this image at Eltham Palace in southeast London. From the early 14th century Eltham was one of the largest and most frequented royal residences in England. It was one of only six residences large enough to accommodate and feed the entire Tudor court of 800 or more people. But not much of the original palace survives, and the most interesting part now is a wonderful Art Deco house built in the 1930s.

I tried to hold the camera horizontal for this shot, but obviously didn't quite succeed, so a perspective adjustment would improve it.

This is the image in PL6:

Image before geometry changes in PL6

First I used the magic wand perspective adjustment, which distorted the frame more than I expected. This tool has always been built into every release of PhotoLab, but only became free in PL6; before that, it was only turned on if you also had ViewPoint 3, which dates back to pre-PhotoLab days. I did, so I'm amused to see the tool described as 'new', given that it's unchanged from PhotoLab 1.

One-click magic wand adjusts the perspective

I wanted to crop the image to include the whole of the tree, and the full width to the right. But, in doing so, I ended up with black out-of-frame corners:

Cropped as desired, but with black triangles on both top corners.

This is where the ReShape tool comes in:

I dragged the nodes to ensure that the black corners were covered by the stretched sky, and also to ensure that the twigs from the tree above me were pulled out of frame.

I could now do my desired crop, with no black corners, and no twigs from the tree above me.

Final crop

And this was the exported final image:

Final image, after perspective adjustment, reshaping and cropping

Everything I did here could have been done in a photo editor, but it's easier and more convenient to do it all inside PhotoLab's non-destructive editing environment. Before PL6, I'd have had to export the intermediate image to Affinity to get rid of the black corners. But if I ever wanted to reprocess the image, I'd have had to repeat the process.

For example, here's a slightly different version from PL6:

Several changes made, but no need to touch the cloud stretching

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