OM-1: Imprecision of AF Target?

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OM-1: Imprecision of AF Target?

I didn't find this discussed though that may be because of bad search technique... Is this a known issue?

In playing with my OM-1 to see how quickly it focuses, I came across a rather odd thing. Using the small AF target, it seems to focus on a closer object that is outside (but near) the target. When the AF target does not actually fall on the nearer object, a half press of the shutter shows it choosing the farther object (small green focus target box) but focusing on the nearer one. Sorry for the photo, hand holding a phone and triggering it at just the right time to show the green focus target box led to shake blur. But, the closer glass pumpkin is in focus and remained in focus after the half press was completed.

Sorry for the blurry handheld phone cam shot. The closer pumpkin actually is in focus. OM1 FW 1.3, Small AF Target, 40-150 f/2.8 Pro lens.

One focus point away and still focused on the closer pumpkin

2 focus points away and now it focuses on the farther pumpkin.

As you can see above, the nearer object needs to be about 2 of the small (focus point?) squares away before it gives up on it and focuses on the object that the small green box falls on. Also, this seems to be true with the single point AF target selected. It also appears to be true with any AF Target - there is an approximately 2 focus point margin. This is with FW 1.3 and happens with a number of lenses (I tested 40-150 f/2.8 pro, 12-40 f/2.8 pro and PL 8-18). Using C-AF.  All AF settings are default, except for AF Target. I tested with with 2 OM-1s and they both behave the same. This does not happen with the EM-1 mk ii, it is very precise and focuses where ever the green box is located even with the edge of the closer object right next to the green box.

I can deal with it by moving the camera a bit but it makes the single point AF target harder to use, especially shooting through brush. I can't say if this happens with FW 1.2 but recall some issues with focusing on birds in trees with some branches in front of the subject.

A side question - how can I take better photos (or screen grabs) of what I see on the LED screen?

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