Why "I bought a printer" is in Open Talk

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Why "I bought a printer" is in Open Talk

I just finished buying a Canon Pro 300 pigment printer from a sales rep at Vistek, Canada's top professional photo retailer. I've been dealing with that sales rep since she started working at Queen Street Camera, and then kept in touch over the decades as she moved across Queen Street to the original Vistek store, and then to the current (but still decades old) Vistek store out on Queen Street East.

Today's transaction was all over the telephone and the internet, so far.  I still need to go to Vistek's Mississauga store (just west of Toronto) to pick it up.

I bought the last Canon 300 that Vistek had in stock, at any store. They would have shipped it to me for a fee, or shipped it downtown for me to pickup with no shipping charge, but I asked them to leave it in Mississauga, which is easy for me to get to for pickup.

The magic of computers let us know what paper and ink was in Mississauga, so I could order a set of ink, a package of Moab 13x19 paper, and a package of 8.5 x 11 Epson paper.

Vistek just finished a giant convention hall consumer and trade show, and is low on stork.


Because, as I explained to the sales rep, it represents a new way for me to think about photography.

Since I shot my uncle Clark's wedding when I was in Grade 7, I thought of myself as a photographer.

I mostly shot pictures for more than 5 decades to meet a need or fulfil an interest of other people. A bride's mother. A magazine editor. My cousin whose husband was sick. A resort developer.

And on and on.

But today my approach to photography is, in some way and in some from, switching to "photography is a hobby."

I'm not facing any deadlines and I'm not trying to meet any artistic or event-based requirements.

I'm just going to indulge in my new hobby of photo printing of pictures from my past.

I'm my conversation with the sales rep, she asked how I made up my mind what to buy.

I tipped her off to Keith Cooper, who can be found on YouTube, and on the Printers  and Printing Forum here on DPReview.

FINALLY: The sale is over tomorrow, I've bought the last printer. I'll be looking to the DPReview members on the Printing forum as I learn more about digital printing.


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