What do you all think of my quoting template?

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Will Faulkner
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What do you all think of my quoting template?

Hi all.

This week I found myself in another business situation to learn from.

I am now making changes to my business so I am stronger moving forward.

I have been told by other pros to charge for time in half day and full day increments. In the past I generally charged per image.

So when I quoted a new client for a job this week I asked what was the scope of work. I then estimated my time to shoot the job and quoted a half day's labour plus 1 hour of retouching per image. I'm in Melbourne, Australia and consider myself a mid level pro so I quoted $500 AUD labour for the half day and $100 AUD per image for the retouching. I outsource my retouching and pass on an hourly rate of $100 AUD per hour. There were initially 4 photos to be shot so that's 1 hour of retouching allowed per photo. Sum total $900 AUD ex sales tax. Now because I ask for a 50% of sum total up front to secure a booking, the client already has this quote converted to an invoice. (Which they haven't addressed)

Upon nearing the end of the half day on the job I realised that due to the customer not properly understanding the scope of work at the quoting stage we are now looking at more like 15 photos shot and edited. So that's a now a full 8 hour day of labour plus retouching.

My mistake was that my quote notes did not say anything like "If the job goes over time I charge per 4 hour increments of labour. Not to mention the extra post production expenses now required.

I really want to impress this customer as there is a huge scope of work moving forward. So I thought I'd just clock this job up to a learning experience and wear the half day of unpaid labour. If the retouching goes over 4 hours by a lot then I'll have to pass that charge on to the client which I'm sure they will be ok with as I will point out the uncharged labour to the client.

But in the future I want all my quotes to allow for this blowout in scope of work.
So what do you all think of the quote notes I have pasted below. They where provided by another seasoned pro that I respect.

"Quote is valid for 14 days from the date of issue.
A purchase order or signed estimate AND 50% of the estimate total is due upon booking.
Job cancellation within 72 hours = 25% of fees, plus all incurred expenses. Job cancellation within 48 hours = 50% of fees, plus all incurred expenses. Job cancellation within 24 hours = 100% of fees, plus all incurred expenses.
Booked jobs will automatically cancel 2 months after booking date without refunds. Day rate is calculated in 4 hour block increments and will be reflected in the final billing. Final billing will reflect actual labour and expenses.
All rights not specifically granted in writing, including copyright, remain the exclusive property of Will Faulkner Photography. All payments are non-refundable.

All photos may be used for my website portfolio and social media platforms, unless otherwise notified by the client prior to the shoot."

Thank you all

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