Dropped 70-300. Decentered?

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Dropped 70-300. Decentered?

Hi all,

Grabbed my camera bag out of the car. Bag wasn't properly closed. Dropped the XT-2 with 70-300mm from a solid 1m/3ft on the asphalt.
Took a deep breath, walked away to put the rest of my stuff inside the house. Another deep breath. Gathered courage and walked back to see the result.

The xt2 seems fine; the Arca-Swiss plate on the bottom of the xt2 took the majority of the hit , saving my screen from shattering as it sticks out slightly. There only a minor chip from the corner of the screen.

However, I'm more concerned with the lens. The lenscap has substantial damage to one side so I'm afraid that's what hit the ground first. Glass is ok.

Camera and lens seem to operate fine. Autofocus works. No funky noises. Though it was a big drop so I'm afraid for decentralisation on the inside of the lens.

I've asked my local shop (that is a 2h drive away, btw) and they can send it to Fuji to get properly tested. Costs me 150,- + any repair costs. And I'd be parted with my lens for at least 1 month. Not to mention the 4h drive back and forth. Twice.

If that is the price I need to pay, then that is what it is. But I wanted to check it myself first. It's late afternoon already so light is not ideal, but I went ahead and set the camera on a tripod, level, focus on a plane parallel to the sensor, wide open. Not sure if it makes any different if I do this at 70 vs 300mm. I opted for 300mm as it made finding a big enough flat surface much easier as I vaguely remember that focussing needs to be close to infinity.

Problem is: I only just bought this lens (obviously....it never happens to your old gear) and only shot moving objects while panning (race cars) so I don't really have any comparison material for this specific lens.

Any input?

Attached the RAW file: Wetransfer dowload link

Below the SOOC Jpeg with all sharpness etc set to 0.

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