What is the best looking 4K footage settings on the Sony A1?

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Re: What is the best looking 4K footage settings on the Sony A1?

Interceptor121 wrote:

MILC man wrote:

one way to test it is to shoot a chroma test chart that's displayed at 100% on a monitor, something like this: Chroma subsampling test image - Imgur

you'll need a 4:4:4-capable monitor/video card, but that shouldn't be an issue in this day and age.

gerald undone did that, and it's pretty much as you stated... 8k is phenomenal, but you can see issues with 4k ff because of the line skipping... of course you shouldn't see that problem when shooting in oversampled 5.8k super35 mode.

it's harder to see 4k ff line skipping in real-world use; by the time the footage hits a distribution format like youtube it's been heavily tweaked and re-compressed.

gerald also pointed out that while recording 8k internally, you can feed the hdmi output to a ninja V, and get oversampled ff 4k recording, albeit with the 8k limits of no 60p... but that would be the best 4k mode.

You seriously think that shooting a static chart is the right way to assess image quality on a camera that uses for most codecs that are temporally compressed?

as opposed to those weak tree shots that you posted in the other thread?

you must be joking, that was blurry mush, both pics looked exactly the same.

FYI the HDMI port of the camera has to conform to 2.0

fyi, hdmi 2.0 has 18 Gbps bandwidth capability.

you spin big words that don't say anything at all.

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